Interactive activities and projects encourage Kindergarten through 2nd grade students to perfect and gain confidence in their skills. In addition to our advanced curriculum, individualized programs help to improve students computational and critical thinking skills.


Children’s University’s Kindergarten Program combines the basics of math, English and science with art, music, theater, photography and computer skills. Designed to retain the attention of this active age group, our curriculum incorporates kinetics and music to keep learning fun.

The teacher to student ratio for our Kindergarten Program can be as low as 1:16. Kindergartners at CU experience their first glimpse into aerospace engineering, pre-med, and ecology. During the Kindergarten year, children explore computer animation and graphics. Cultural activities are included to establish an awareness of the world around them.

1st Grade

Children’s University’s 1st Grade Program exposes students to the art, culture and history of a specific geographic region through our classrooms “World Habitat” theme. In this exciting environment, students begin to master the skills learned in Kindergarten such as reading, critical thinking and problem solving.

The teacher to student ratio for 1st graders can be as low as 1:16. 1st grade students are exposed to additional enrichment programs such as fine arts, business management, science, technology and character building.

2nd Grade

Children’s University’s 2nd Grade students  spend the year exploring the culture, art and history of their classrooms “World Habitat” theme. During their exploration they will experience further training in art, music and profession-based programs. Our 2nd grade program encourages students to perfect and gain further confidence in the skills that were taught in 1st grade through interactive activities and projects.

The teacher to student ratio for 2nd graders can be as low as 1:16. A differential approach to skills such as writing, reading, math, science and technology, with regard to ability, learning style and background knowledge ensures that every student will flourish.

At Children’s University students build on prior learning with in-depth study of academic subjects in our Elementary Program. While earlier grades pair young students with one teacher for all subjects, elementary students benefit from a team of teachers who specialize in specific areas. Each Children’s University “professor” instructs a 3rd through 6th grade class in one or more specialties matching their talents, specialized training, and most importantly, their passions. 

3rd Grade through 6th Grade
8 to 10 yrs. old

Our Elementary Program strives to:

  • Deepen children’s curiosity for learning
  • Develop personal writing and speaking skills
  • Build greater pride in achievement
  • Promote logical thinking and problem solving
  • Heighten student motivation
  • Encourage cooperative learning

The teacher-student ratio for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades can be as low as 1:20. Elementary School students benefit from a team of teacher’s who specialize in specific areas. Each “Children’s University Professor” instructs a 3rd through 6th grade class in one or more specialties matching their talents, specialized training and most importantly, their passions. Based on each individual student, Children’s University’s professors may adjust or accelerate curriculum to build on that individual students skills.

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