All of the following testimonials were provided by satisfied Children’s University parents. We are also more than happy to put you in touch with a current Children’s University family to give you first-hand answers to your questions.

The CU expo is so good for my kids because they learn how to work a real business. That’s a life skill you don’t get anywhere else.”

Angie A.

Third and Fifth Grade Parent

The preschool teachers are so caring and make learning so fun, my kids love going to Children’s University.”

Jennifer R.

Preschool Twin Parent

I’ve been amazed at what the children can accomplish. They have made their booths and are showcasing what they have created. I’m very impressed with what my daughter has accomplished."


Third Grade Parent

It’s the magical community here at CU that we just love.”

Tiffany H.

Fourth Grade Parent

I was looking for something different to help my child grow in an interesting way. We found that here at CU.”

Brenda W.

Fourth Grade Parent

My children have the self-confidence to go on to greater things and I owe it all to Children’s University.”

Pam I.

Fourth & Fifth Grade Parent

When I walked into Children’s University, I immediately knew this was the place for kids to have fun learning.”

Cheri W.

Fourth Grade Parent

Immediately we felt welcome. My daughter just fell in love with this place.”

Pam I.

Fourth & Fifth Grade Parent

It’s different from any other school. It sparks something in the students, an excellence…”

Howard R.

First & Fifth Grade Parent

It was absolutely amazing to us to know these kids are between the ages of 8 and 12. It proves what children are capable of learning.”

Kimberly B.

Kindergarten, Third and Fifth Grade Parent

Our two children attend Children’s University and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. Our son began when the school opened its doors to as young as two year olds. We had him in day care previously. A child’s mind is hungry for knowledge and has the capacity to take in so much if one is willing to engage them further than just a day-to-day routine of simply play centers that are without guidance and occasional songs or reading time. I have to say that my husband and I searched and searched for another alternative than just paid day sitting from a center. I myself came across CU and put off “getting to it” as far as further research, however CU wasn’t a school that would elude my attention once I’d taken a look at the website.

Previously I’d heard about this great school in Arlington from a friend. We’d come across CU in a search and while reaching out to other parents that might have information or experience with the school, I realized this was the school mentioned to me previously and everything else fell into place. All things mentioned about the school were great, but even when scheduling our visit I was with guarded skepticism in that the school had to be too good to be true. When my husband and I entered the school grounds we knew this was the school for our son! CU is nurturing and engaging, fun and challenging in its educational approach to its students. The nurturing does not stop short to just the student, but extended to the parents as well.

CU encourages and embraces parental involvement with the children as well as the school. There are many reasons beyond CU’s educational curriculum that we love about the school that kindle our desire to have our children attend the school. But some that come to this parents mind right off the bat equally in importance would be: the sparkle in our children’s eyes about CU and their having so much fun learning, the nurturing and still challenging of the student to work hard and enjoying their success, and quite frankly our feeling a secure sense of our children’s safety behind the CU’s door.

I’d mentioned we have our children attending Children’s University. We had our son’s little sister two years after his starting CU and we were thrilled to learn that CU would be opening their doors to 18 month old young students!! Our sweet girl is excited each morning to see her friends and “her Folmar”! I can only speak from this mother’s perspective, but there is just something reassuring about your children’s love and comfort found in their connection to their teacher and bearing witness to this is just that much sweeter. We have been richly Blessed in finding Children’s University and share in the Blessings that are bestowed upon our sweet kiddos in all of the teachers that have been a part in their education. Personally speaking CU is staffed with wonderful teachers and aids. The Dean, Mrs Wright and her support staff are attentive to parental inquiries and addressing any concern a parent may have. I have to mention that in the time of tragedy whether from natural disaster or otherwise from losses that were experienced just this past December in Connecticut, our Dean, Mrs Wright wasted no time in reaching out that day to the parents and teachers reassuring us of safety measures in prevention of such tragedy for our children and the teachers as well as helpful tips to help the children with understanding and or coping with what they might have heard via the news or parents conversation.

Private school is not for everyone. With that said if your interest is peaked and you are looking for something different and special for not just your child but your family as a whole I would highly recommend giving Children’s University a look and consideration, without hesitation!"

Shi & Benjie E.