5 Unique Preschool Classes in Arlington, TX

A specialized preschool curriculum can teach your child vital skills that they will need as they progress through their formal education. In addition, by honing in specific topic areas, children are able to fully explore an interest. But what options exist, and what are they really about?

Children’s University provides an array of specialty classes for its students that exceed beyond traditional classes. Check out this list of unique preschool classes at Children’s University that you should consider for your child.

Preschool Classes in Arlington:


To start the list, STEM is a specialized curriculum focusing on four specific areas of education: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. CU offers a Makerspace and STEM lab for students to apply practical and hands-on STEM education. This Arlington preschool class builds foundational skills in a fun and informal setting. In addition, it is an exceptional approach to subjects that are difficult for some students to grasp.

Nature School

The growing movement of outdoor classes has led to an increased desire to teach children about the natural world! CU taps into this excitement and interest with their Nature School program. Preschool students explore the great outdoors with an all-immersive outdoor classroom. Additionally, the program helps children develop skills related to observation, data gathering, and describing. It’s a multifaceted approach that prepares students for the principles of learning.

Language Courses

Starting at an early age, children will be encouraged to communicate efficiently and properly with their peers. These lessons will be expanded upon in English courses where students will learn to read and write. While this subject matter is important, it’s just as important to expand your child’s language and literacy skills beyond English. Learning a second language has several benefits. As a matter of fact, learning a second language improves cognitive function and a child’s ability to focus. All in all, learning a second language can improve your child’s overall ability to learn, comprehend, and focus. With this in mind, CU offers Spanish courses at an early stage to develop upon in later years.  

Physical Education

At one point or another, we’ve all tried to calm a squirming child and found that they need physical activity to burn off some of the extra energy. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this need for activity extends beyond expending extra energy. The CDC, states that regular physical activity promotes lifelong health and well-being, and prevents several health conditions. CU provides its students with constructive physical education to introduce healthy habits and nutritional concepts through games and activities.

Technology Courses

As computer technology progresses, preschool programs are developing creative ways to introduce children to technology. These programs show students how they can use technology like tablets and SmartBoards to advance their education. CU understand the need for a basic tech understanding and teaches its students to use computers and SmartBoard technology in its technology course. Now more than ever, with such a dependence on technology,  kids that are familiar with technology at an early age are more prepared to interact with similar technology that they will encounter later in their education.

These unique preschool classes in Arlington extend beyond the foundational subject that is commonly taught in traditional schools. Specialty classes allow students to develop interests outside of the classroom and explore new opportunities for later endeavors. Ultimately, these courses will shape and impact your child’s future educational career.