Benefits of Private School in Arlington, TX

At one point or another, many parents may consider whether or not a private school is a right decision for their child. These parents are in good company. According to Private School Review, there are 25 top private schools in the Arlington area that serve more than 5,441 students. For many parents, private education is a worthwhile investment in their child’s future.

Ultimately, the school—public or private—can alter the way that the child views education, their later endeavors, and overall well-being. With this in mind, private school is the ideal option for many parents because they’re able to ensure that the quality of education and educational opportunities are optimal.

Take a look at a few great benefits of private schools in Arlington, Texas to help you determine if private school is right for your child.

Academic Rigor

When considering a private school, most parents first consider the academic rigor of the school. According to Great Schools, comparing private to public school test scores is an ineffective tactic. Public schools are required by law to follow an institutionalized curriculum and administer a corresponding standardized test. On the contrary, because private schools are not held to the same standard as public schools, they have the freedom to create their own curriculum.

In this instance, it’s important to assess your child’s needs. Public schools are limited to the parameters of state instituted curriculum and standardization. Students that need more attention or a greater challenge may suffer in this model of education. However, private schools have the freedom to customize the curriculum to the student to ensure the desired goal is met.

Student-Teacher Ratio

One reason that a parent may opt for private school education is the classroom size. Historically, public school classrooms have become larger than optimal. In fact, the Public School Review estimated that the approximate national student to teacher average ratio is 16 to one for the 2018 and 2019 school year. Depending on the school district and state, the average classroom may be bigger or smaller. This may be an issue if parents are concerned with the amount of one-on-one instruction the student may receive. In reality, students in a large classroom are less likely to receive the individual treatment that they need to thrive in school.

On the other hand, private schools have the ability to limit classroom sizes so that students receive valuable individual instruction. In addition, teachers’ assistants may be more readily accessible to oversee and support student growth.

Extracurricular Activities

The last private school benefit on this list is the opportunity to access extensive extracurricular activities. Because of tuition costs and fervent fundraising, private schools are able to offer a wide variety of extracurricular programs, along with facilities. A public school may just have a few sports and music. Comparatively, private schools can offer high-end facilities equipped for art, music, marching band, woodshop, sailing, a literary journal and more.

Extracurricular activities are important because they allow students to explore and discover interests outside of the classroom environment. In addition, activities can be beneficial as the student grows older and begins applying for higher education. In the end, with major cuts to public school budgets, public schools may not be able to support many beneficial activities.


For many parents, the benefits of private school far outweigh public school education. Take into consideration all of these factors before choosing a private school. In addition, if you are searching for a private school, consider Children’s University.

Children’s University is a premier private school in Arlington, Texas. Character education is a key principle in the school’s curriculum to ensure that each student receives a quality education. Learning opportunities exist beyond the classroom in their nature center and student-designed treehouse that is used as an outdoor classroom. In addition, students have a multitude of extracurricular options like robotics, sign language, and more.

Because of their dedication to growth; as well as their consistent and quality education, CU students consistently score above national averages.